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Generalized Pain/Arthritis

“Never in 15 years have I been able to touch my (post-surgical) scar and not scream – now I can even rub on it and it doesn’t hurt at all.”

“I just can’t believe my trigger finger is gone, I’ve just had no problems with it at all!"

“I’ve never felt quite as painless as I have in the last month or so – it’s been a long, long  time since I felt this good.”

"Awesome - much better than the prescribed pain pills for my arthritis! You need to try it.”

"I feel like I'm getting my mom back" 


- a daughter of one of our patients after her second acupuncture visit for sciatica and arthritis due to severe spinal stenosis.

“I’m doing good – I’m doing really good, scary good. And I’m sleeping good - I can sleep and I don’t have any pain.”

"I've cut almost all my pain pills out, the pain is nothing like it used to be."

"I've been pain free all last night and today - this is the best day I've had in ages."

-patient with late-stage cancer pain

“I even went to several dentists, thinking it might be TMJ, only for them to tell me I didn't have TMJ. I still don't know what caused the throbbing, sometimes sharp and stabbing, ear pain, but I do know that Clare O'Nan has helped me tremendously.”

-Terry Hulen